Empowering Transparency

Whistleblower Program for Ethical Reporting

At AIPL, we prioritize a value-based organizational culture and maintain a steadfast commitment to combat fraud and corruption. Our unwavering stance against unethical practices extends to both internal and external sources. With a strong compliance culture guided by a comprehensive code of business conduct, we ensure that our actions consistently align with our core values.

Our Anti-Fraud and Whistleblower Policy serves as a pillar of integrity, fostering an environment of ethics across the organization. Should you come across any potential instances of non-compliance or fraudulent activities, we encourage you to report them through our dedicated Whistleblower Line. Rest assured, all reports will be objectively reviewed, and your identity will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Together, let us fortify a culture of integrity and transparency within AIPL.


    “All submissions will be objectively reviewed, and the identity of the reporting individual will be held confidential. So feel free to report any Issue.”