A Journey of Excellence, A Legacy of Distinction: AIPL, Redefining Real Estate Development

Our Story

In the heart of India’s premier locales – Delhi (NCR), Punjab, and Rajasthan – Advance India Projects Limited (AIPL) emerges as a beacon of real estate artistry since 1991. For over three decades, we have been meticulously weaving our legacy, and sculpting spaces that transcend mere infrastructure. Our diversified portfolio, boasting sterling commercial hubs, elite residential enclaves, and chic retail havens, speaks of opulence and innovation.

We are proud that our emblematic commercial masterpieces in Delhi-NCR are the chosen home for over 80 global and Indian corporate giants. Each venture resonates with unparalleled quality, a blend of practical foresight, and a commitment to preserving the environment. Enlisting global architectural maestros, we breathe life into every detail – from grand facades to holistic planning.

At AIPL we are relentlessly innovating, accelerating construction timelines without compromising on precision, and delivering impeccable service, ensuring that our vision is seamlessly translated into reality. We don’t just build; we craft long-lasting legacies, setting new benchmarks in real estate. Dive into our world, where every creation is an ode to excellence.

A real estate legacy is built on a foundation of integrity, innovation, and a genuine desire to improve the lives of others through exceptional spaces.

Company Profile

Advance India Projects Limited (AIPL) stands as the frontrunner of premier real estate evolution in India. With a formidable footprint encompassing six regional offices across four states, our offerings paint a vivid canvas – from commercial masterpieces and enticing retail destinations to serene residential sanctuaries.

Over 32 distinguished years, our skyline boasts 60+ emblematic structures, each echoing a meticulous eye for detail and architectural prowess. Our innovation, matched by an unwavering dedication to quality, promises punctual deliveries and absolute transparency.

This steadfast ethos resonates with our esteemed clientele, partners, devoted workforce, and valued investors. At AIPL, dreams seamlessly merge with reality, crafting spaces of infinite worth.

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At AIPL, our mission is to redefine the landscape of India’s real estate sector through seamlessly blending innovation, quality, and sustainability. Leveraging over three decades of experience, we are committed to crafting spaces that not only embody architectural excellence but also foster vibrant communities. Through a deep-seated commitment to timely deliveries, we aspire to earn unwavering trust from our clients, partners, and investors, fostering relationships that stand the test of time. Together, we aim to build a legacy where dreams are woven into reality, setting new benchmarks for a prosperous future.


AIPL envisions a future where our real estate projects are not just structures, but the backbone of thriving communities. Pioneering in our approach, we lead rather than follow, harnessing innovation and technology to craft spaces that embody artistic brilliance. Our dedication to sustainability goes hand in hand with our commitment to build lasting relationships with our customers, marked by transparency and genuine engagement. As industry trailblazers, we aim to set unparalleled standards, continually pushing the boundaries to craft developments that are not only futuristic but also in harmony with nature.