Business Ventures

Joint Ventures and Partnerships

  • We at AIPL believe that a joint venture is one of the most effective ways of enhancing your relationship with your associates, clients and communities.
  • The ideal partner in a joint venture is one that has the resources, skills, assets, innovation that compliments our own. The joint venture has to work contractually but there also has to be a good fit between the work cultures of the two organizations.
  • AIPL has always had a reputable name in the Indian real estate industry. We are a credible organization and our name commands the trust of our associates, clients and communities. We look for similar credible and sincere work ethics from our potential partners.
  • AIPL is continuously seeking new opportunities, joint venture tie ups, and capital funds with reputed international developers to expand its corporate commercial segment.
  • We believe that the success of a business venture is guaranteed with the result of the combined energies, synergy, mindshare and motivation of two or more business organizations.

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