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Studio Apartment for Sale in Gurgaon

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Sector 66, Golf Course Extn. Road, Gurgaon

Mixed-Use Development

High street retail, Cinema & Gourmet Hub, Serviced Residences, Smart Suites

Property in AIPL Joy Street Gurugram
Artistic View / Impression of AIPL Joy Street Gurugram

1 BHK Flat, Studio and Service Apartments in Gurgaon - AIPL Joy Street

AIPL Joy Street brings to you a seamless mix of shopping, entertainment, leisure, living, and business, all under a single roof. Located in Gurgaon, the most thriving region for real estate investment in NCR, Joy Street offers a 360-degree lifestyle hub for the vibrant and dynamic community of the city.

Gurgaon, also known as the Millennium City, is home to several MNCs and IT Parks that attract individuals from all over the world. With such a diverse population, there are expectations of world-class amenities and infrastructure when it comes to investing in real estate in this city, be it in commercial or residential projects.

The meticulously planned AIPL Joy Street in Gurgaon has been designed to meet these expectations. The project provides an exceptional blend of service apartments in Gurgaon along with entertainment, eateries, smart suite office spaces, and luxury retail outlets. Furthermore, the complex is designed with pedestrian-friendly pathways, convenient underground parking, glittering frontage, open landscaped areas, and sidewalk cafes & restaurants, making it a completely joyful destination. Its prime location on the Golf Course Extension Road further ensures better connectivity and high returns on investment.

AIPL Joy Street has been planned to offer certain specifications and features that make it quite a good investment option in Gurgaon.

Best Luxury Service Apartments in Gurgaon

Rhythm Residences by AIPL is a chic assortment of self-use serviced residences that crown AIPL Joy Street. It offers the best luxury amenities and services that include everything that you may require for a comfortable lifestyle.

The residences offer luxurious suites and studio apartment in Gurgaon on sale with spacious interiors, lavish furnishing, and a host of other services. They are intelligently designed residences that provide an exceptionally comfortable environment where you can spend time with your friends, family, or even work.

The amenities offered by these luxurious serviced apartments in Gurgaon are unparalleled and at the same time strike the perfect balance between luxury and comfort. Some of the amenities offered at the AIPL Rhythm Residences include:

  • 24*7 reception and concierge desk
  • Housekeeping facility
  • Laundry service
  • Food court
  • Retail shops
  • Entertainment avenues
  • State-of-the-art gymnasium
  • Swimming pool
  • Spa facilities

These fully furnished service apartments in Gurgaon offer you the best of luxury as well as convenience. Location on the Golf Course Extension Road, they further ensure seamless connectivity with other parts of the city as well.

Rhythm Residences is brought to you by AIPL in collaboration with Bridge Street Global Hospitality, a leading global provider of serviced apartments and suites. You can invest in any of the suites or luxury studio apartment in Gurgaon on sale at AIPL Joy Street and further lease it out through Bridge Street to optimise the returns on your investment. With this, you can have a regular source of income and an asset that constantly grows in value.

A Perfect Mix of Shopping, Food, and Fun

Buying a fully furnished service apartment in Gurgaon at Joy Street brings to your more than what other luxury residences have to offer. As a resident of Joy Street, you not only get an 1 bhk apartment in gurgaon that showcases opulence in technology and design, but also get access to world-class amenities like shopping, food, and entertainment avenues.

Joy Street also offers an incredible array of retail shops in Gurgaon that also include high-end stores with a diverse collection of fashion accessories, clothing, beauty products, and home decor.

Furthermore, it also has a cross-section of destination dining and enticing entertainment anchored by premier brands.

With retail and entertainment options at hand at Joy Street, the residents of these luxury service apartments in Gurgaon can anticipate a convenient and engaging lifestyle.

Retail Investments at AIPL Joy Street

AIPL Joy Street is an excellent project for both commercial and retail investments. Developed at a prime location in the city, the project offers lucrative options to buy shop in Gurgaon. You have the choice to select from small and medium retail units to anchor store units.

These shops for sale in Gurgaon are designed in such a way that every unit is amply lit and easily accessible. With a lively ambience set around themed courtyards, you can expect higher than regular footfall, making it the ideal place for retail investment. One can even get leasing assistance for retail shop in Gurgaon that would further result in enhanced returns on your investment.

AIPL Smart Suite Office Space

This new retail launch not only provides shops and 1 bhk flat in gurgaon but also 'smart suite' office spaces. These highly efficient plug and play office spaces boast of high standards in design, technology, and amenities.

Benefitting from a great location on Golf Course Extension Road, these smart suites offer the following amenities:

  • Fully furnished and air-conditioned office suites
  • Flexible office setting options
  • Essential business services
  • Power backup
  • Data connections
  • Food court
  • Access to self-use serviced apartments within the same complex
  • Multiple dining options including cafes and restaurants from premium brands

With a perfect blend of retail outlets, 'smart suite' office spaces, along with Rhythm Residences, Joy Street serves as a quintessential investment destination in the Millennium City, Gurgaon.

AIPL Joy Street in Gurgaon provides excellent opportunities for those looking to invest either in a studio apartment or 1 BHK flat in Gurgaon or in retail shops or office spaces. Located on Golf Course Extension Road, Sector- 66, this 1 BHK apartment in Gurgaon let you enjoy the benefits of a prime location, which include better connectivity with the key points of the city and proximity to a proposed metro network.

Location of AIPL Joy Street, Gurugram

AIPL Joy Street Gurugram Location Map

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Location Advantages

  • Park View City, gurgaon
  • Sector 67, gurgaon
  • Sector 68, gurgaon
  • Sector 69, gurgaon
  • Rosewood City, gurgaon
  • 1.1 km from Trends, gurgaon
  • 1.9 km from Decimal Technologies Pvt. Ltd., gurgaon
  • 1.3 km from Badshahpur Fort, gurgaon
  • 7.1 km from Sector 55-56 subway station, gurgaon
  • 450 m from HP Petrol Pump, Gurgaon
  • Spread over approx. 4 acres.
  • G+15 habitable Floors
  • Surrounded by habitable zones.
  • Easy access via 60 mts and 24 mts wide Sector Roads.
  • Ground & First Floor : Highstreet Retail
  • Second Floor : Food Court, Restaurant and a Flea Market
  • Third & Fourth Floor : Multiplex
  • Fifth to Seventh Floor : Serviced Offices, Managed & Self - use Serviced Apartments.

Retail Shops At Gurgaon - Golf Street Extension Road

Based at a prime location, this new retail launch in Gurgaon will have the investment opportunity retail shops for sale that start from the small and medium retail units to anchor store units. The retails units are designed in such way that every shop is amply lit and easily accessible. With a lively ambience set around themed courtyards, you can expect higher than regular footfalls, making AIPL Joy Street one of the best places to invest in if you are looking for assured return investments or shops for sale in Gurgaon with leasing assistance.

Luxury Service & Studio Apartments - Golf Course Extension Road

AIPL Joy Street offers a classy assortment of luxury service apartments which includes studio apartment and 1 BHK apartment for sale in Gurgaon. Both categories of apartments boast of spacious interiors, lavish furnishing and a host of superior services. The amenities offered by studio apartments in Gurgaon by AIPL are unparalleled, and strike the perfect balance of relaxation and engagement. Some of the amenities on offer include:

  • Around-the-clock reception and concierge desk.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Laundry services
  • State-of-the-art gymnasium, swimming pool & spa facilities.

The self-use apartments AIPL Rythem residences gives you the flexibility of having a luxurious and convenient apartments on Golf Course Extension Road further to ensure that your investment in AIPL Joy Street generates ever growing returns, BridgeStreet Global Hospitality, a premier international provider of branded residences, serviced apartments and serviced suites has been roped in. You can purchase any of the studio apartments for sale in Gurgaon at AIPL Joy Street, and lease it through BridgeStreet to optimize rental income. This will allow you to have a regular source of income, and an asset that is constantly growing in value.

The residents will also be able to access Joy Street retail shops in Gurgaon. With retail and entertainment options on hand, residents at these luxury service apartments in Gurgaon can anticipate a convenient yet involving lifestyle.

Perfect for Investment

AIPL Joy Street in Gurgaon provides the perfect opportunity for those looking to invest in 1bhk studio apartments in Gurgaon. Located on the Golf Course Extension Road, Sector- 66, these 1 bhk apartments in Gurgaon are located in one of the most prime locations of Gurgaon. This makes AIPL Joy Street in Gurgaon not only perfect for those who are looking to buy shops in Gurgaon, but also for investing in fully furnished service apartments in Gurgaon.

Everyone is already aware of the scale on investment that Gurgaon attracts; already home to a number of MNCs, the city real sector has been revitalized by the current government push for its development. When you factor in the renewed push for development by the state government coupled with positive outlook on the economy, you can rest assured that your investment in AIPL Joy Street will yield high returns.

AIPL Smart Suite Office Space

This new retail launch in Gurgaon will not only provide shops and service apartments on the Golf Course Extension Road being a true mix value project, it will also provide smart suites office space. An exceptional office address on the Golf Course Extension Road, the smart suites are perfect for everyone be it an established honcho or a greenhorn starting a new venture. Here are a few of the highlight amenities offered by smart suites:-

  • Fully Furnished and Air-Conditioned Office Suites.
  • Flexible office setting options.
  • Essential business services
  • Power backup.
  • Data connections.
  • Access to Managed and Self-use Serviced Apartments within the same complex .
  • ATMs Multiple dining options including cafes, restaurants and food court.

The perfect blend of retail space for rent, smart suites office space along with Rhythm Residences, makes the project, AIPL Joy Street a quintessential investment destination on Golf Course Ext Road.

AIPL Real Estate Most Credible Name

AIPL Joy Street is without a doubt the headlining new retail launch on Golf Course Extension Road. With investment in retail shops on Golf Course Extension Road at AIPL Joy Street, you can expect lucrative returns on your investment. Further, having proportionate availability of studio and service apartments in Gurgaon along with retails shops and offices for rent and sale, AIPL Joy Street is generating a buzz in Gurgaon like none other. Planned to be much more than just another mixed-use destination, AIPL Joy Street will be a unique and enriching experience to all, and provide a harmonious blend of Live, Work and Play.

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