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Exploring the potential to do more

Some examples of our innovative approach:

  • Use of Ferrari Roof/Military Fabric for development of micro climate in Celebration Bazaar, Gobindgarh-Khanna.
  • Use of Sciography /Ecotech Analysis for development of shading devices / shell design in Celebration Bazaar, Gobindgarh-Khanna.
  • Use of Mist system to enhance micro climate and ambience temperature in open area.
  • Use of Lime motor for construction in Keshav Project to reduce heat load.
  • Use of cavity wall technology based on sun path analysis for reduced heat load.
  • Drip Irrigation technology for optimize usage of water for landscaped area.
  • Introducing Centralized Visitor Management system.
  • Solar based external lightings to save deflecting energy resources.
  • To encourage use of energy-efficient transport solutions, aipl business club has provisioned for dedicated parking spaces equipped with electric charging stations for environment friendly electric cars.
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